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        About KADO

        KADO Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd has evolved from a simple equipment supplier to a partner who can provide system solutions for users. Guided by customer needs, the company customizes products with special needs for specific customers, strives to meet the individual needs of customers, enhances the quality of customers' products, continuously absorbs professional production technolog...

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        KADO Product

        KADO's web guiding system, width measurement system, thickness measurement system and visual inspection system have the characteristics of stable operation, accurate deviation, responsiveness, durability and simple installation and debugging. They are widely used in the printing and packaging industry and rubber tires of new energy industry. In the production lines of emerging industries such as i...

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        Latest News

        KADO Greeted Yan Qiqi, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Ch
        KADO will participate in the 10th Japan Tokyo International Battery Show Battery Japan 2019
        KADO participated in the 13th International Battery Technology Exhibition

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        Quality Assurance

        KADO's quality control system is based on customer requirements, environmental responsibility, and technical and economic rationality. Our core quality control is strictly in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2000.

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        System Solution

        Quality System

        Competitive Power

        Demand Customization

        Innovation Idea

        About KADO

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        Guiding System

        Controller Sensor Actuator DF Double Roll SF Single Roll Reverse Correction

        Thickness & density detection

        Laser Thickness Measurement X Ray Surface Density Detectio... β Ray Detection of Surface Den...

        Vision System

        Alignment Degree Detection Width Detection Surface Defect Detection